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Sunset Jeep Tour Phoenix


Scottsdale’s 2020 #1 ranked TripAdvisor outdoor activity. Experience a world-famous Arizona sunset as our professional tour guides teach you about the Sonoran Desert flora, fauna, and Native American history. Our off-road Sunset Sonoran Desert Jeep Tour treks through rigorous and scenic desert trails that you otherwise would not be able to reach on your own. At sunset, we will stop at our panoramic lookout point overlooking the historic Great Western Trail. As the sun goes down, the sky changes to brilliant shades of red, pink, orange, and purple. Against the backdrop of the terrain of the scenic Sonoran Desert, our Sunset Jeep Tour is a truly remarkable experience.


For many people, the word “desert” conjures images of sand, rocks, and perhaps the occasional cactus. Those familiar with the Sonoran Desert, however, know that our ecosystem is actually the most biodiverse desert on earth. The combination of elevation and our unique rainfall pattern results in over 60 different mammals, 100 reptiles, approximately 400 species of birds, 1,000 species of bees, and more than 3500 species of plants, including the iconic Saguaro cactus, which can only be found in the Sonoran Desert. Stretching for over 120,000 square miles, the Sonoran Desert includes river, canyon and mountain habitats that support a vast number of species that have evolved and adapted to our particular combination of arid heat and diverse seasons, including intense summer monsoon rains. Ask your professional Tour Guide to tell you more about the amazing biodiversity you will see on one of our desert tours.


a bird sitting on a branch


Hidden in the Sonoran Desert you can glimpse remnants of history that have shaped our culture, and come to better understand how humans have interacted with this unique climate and ecosystem for thousands of years. Ruins from diverse Native American cultures, preserved by our temperate seasons, show a glimpse of civilizations from the past. The mighty Saguaro cactus, which can live for hundreds of years, can show evidence of drought, forest fires, lightning strikes and even frost from years gone by. As you enjoy the scenery from one of our rugged off-road vehicles, notice how our majestic and often wild mountains, canyons and rock formations show a landscape shaped over time, dating back hundreds of million years to the Precambrian era.


Arizona has earned a well-deserved reputation for some of the bluest skies and most stunning sunsets anywhere in the world. While our amazing sunsets are often (erroneously!) attributed to dust and other pollutants in the air, the true explanation is actually quite the opposite.  Our brilliant Arizona sunsets are the result of clean air, low moisture, and the occasional cloud formation on the horizon. Wide-open expanses across the state means we have great air circulation, which helps to “scrub” the tropospheric pollutants – including humidity – from the Arizona sky, which otherwise would block or interfere with the visible wavelengths of light. During the daytime, this results in stunning blue skies. At dawn and dusk, when the wavelengths of light are longer, you’ll enjoy vivid reds, orange, pinks and purples like nowhere else on earth. Our occasional cloud formations further scatter the colorful light rays, add visual interest, and create a vibrant backdrop of reflected light against the mountains and rocks of the desert landscape. And, science aside, we can guarantee you will have plenty of opportunities for stunning photos of the breath-taking Arizona skies while enjoying one of our award-winning tours.


Sunset Jeep Tour Sonoran Desert Scottsdale Arizona


Deserts are known far and wide for creating visual phenomena that can take your breath away. One of these visual treats is the night sky in the desert.  Our clean air gives the Sonoran Desert a unique ability to make the earth and sky seem like one.  After the sunset fades, you won’t be able to sense the difference between where you stand and where the stars begin. Regardless of the weather, the stars are always brighter and more vivid, you’ll see more and the contrast between those points of light and the inky blackness of the sky will seem more vast than is possible. It’s an incredible view that you shouldn’t miss if you have the opportunity.  Join us on a Sunset Desert Tour, and you’re sure to be rewarded with the bonus of seeing the desert stars after the sun goes down.


It’s safe to say that many of our guests simply don’t know about the richness and diversity the Sonoran Desert has to offer. If you’ve never had the privilege of experiencing first-hand the unique and astonishing wonders of the Arizona desert, you’ll be glad for the knowledge and expertise of our professional tour guides. They will help you see the wonders of the Sonoran Desert in its true light, and come to know and appreciate all it has to offer.  Even long-time residents of Arizona frequently learn amazing facts about the desert flora, fauna, and Native American history while on one of our desert tours.  Our tour guides have studied biology, history, ecology, geology, and even medicine — which means you’re sure to learn a few things while enjoying the beauty of the desert.  With the right guide by your side, the desert will reveal itself as a place filled with beauty, history, and excitement.  And of course, there’s always those stunning Arizona sunsets!

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