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a truck driving down a dirt road

Why should you go on a Jeep tour? Over the years, Scottsdale Adventure Tours has rapidly grown to become Scottsdale’s #1 ranked, TripAdvisor Outdoor Activity. Our guided Scottsdale Sonoran Desert Jeep Tours are exhilarating 4×4 off-road adventures through some of the most beautiful and rugged Jeep trails in the state. Led by our team of professional off-road tour guides, guests learn about the Sonoran Desert flora, fauna, and Native American and Arizona history while experiencing some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Sonoran Desert.

Many potential Jeep tour guests ask us, “Why can’t we just rent our own vehicle and go drive around in the desert?”  We have five good reasons why taking a guided Jeep tour from Scottsdale Adventure Tours is a much better option. Check it out.


Our special recreation permits include some pretty gnarly off-roading trails, including some that many other vehicles would not be able to safely navigate. Our off-road vehicles are modified with 6-inch lift kits and 37-inch tires, which is not just for the looks. These modifications enable our off-road vehicles to successfully negotiate rigorous trails without getting stuck. Sure, you can take your rental vehicle out on nearby off-road trails, but there is just no guarantee that you will be able to get it back safely!


Our tours take you to the most scenic Sonoran Desert trails in the Scottsdale area–with a surprisingly short commute to the trailhead.  Rather than spending hours on your own, driving to get out of the city, wandering through the desert and potentially getting lost or just not finding the great scenery that Arizona is known for, we take you straight to the best trails for off-road sightseeing in the Scottsdale area. Our professional off-road Jeep tour guides have extensive knowledge about the Sonoran Desert flora and fauna you will see, as well as vast knowledge of Native American and Arizona history to add color and background to the stunning landscape. With only a 15-minute drive from our meeting location to the trail head, you’ll spend more time enjoying the desert, knowing you’re guaranteed some stunning views, and you’re sure to learn some amazing facts about everything from cactus to coyotes.


Tread lightly! As special recreation permit holders of the Tonto National Forest, we have spent more than 30 years protecting our trails and our national park. We regularly modify our tour routes to ensure that we are not overusing particular trails. Often, the public can cause long-term damage to off-road areas without even knowing it, especially if they drive off of the designated trails harming the biological soil crust, or aren’t aware of how weather and other trail conditions can affect the condition of the trails for those who come along later. Excessive damage to national forest trails forces the government to close down certain trails to the public forever. We ensure that we tread lightly and preserve our trails for generations to come.


Come as strangers, leave as friends. Rather than memorizing a boring tour guide script, our professional tour guides build connections with guests from around the world, and so do you! Our fleet of modified off-road vehicles hold anywhere from 6-14 tour guests, so there is plenty of room for groups of all sizes. If you are a solo traveler, or traveling with a significant other, you will be placed in a vehicle with people you have never met, giving you the unique opportunity to build new friendships while experiencing the wonder of the Sonoran Desert. If you are here for a corporate event or a bachelor party, we can place your group in our modified 14-passenger off-road vehicles, or in multiple off-road vehicles if necessary. It’s not unusual for our tour guests to make new friends, connect on social media and stay in-touch with each other and with their tour guides.


If you are looking for fun things to do in Scottsdale, Arizona, we highly recommend joining us for an off-road tour with Scottsdale Adventure Tours. Our Sonoran Desert Jeep Tours are ideal for small groups, large groups, corporate events, bachelor and bachelorette parties, family outings, or any other group looking for an amazing experience in the Phoenix area. In addition to off-road Jeep tours, Scottsdale Adventure Tours also offers a City of Scottsdale tour and an outdoor cowboy catering service serving old western dishes at our Sonoran Desert venue. We have combination packages combining our Sonoran Desert Jeep Tours and other outdoor activities. Book your outdoor adventure with Scottsdale Adventure Tours today!